Wont be Long!

Hopefully you are all doing well in your smaller than usual bubbles at present and the family is keeping sane. Only another couple of sleeps before level 3 takes effect and then we can at least get down to the local wharf or beach to cast a bait into the briney. Maybe not quite we might be used to but sure beats mowing the lawn or weeding the garden for the 23rd  time.

Hopefully level 2 will kick in on the 12th of May and with it we will have the ability to  launch our boats and get out for a fish. We sure deserve it and this time of the year generally heralds some of the best fishing available, the Snapper are feeding up hard for the cooler months ahead and the Hapuku are fat.

Whats more the weather at the moment has been sublime, foggy windless mornings and sunny skies with the daytime temperatures still hitting 20 degrees. 

With us all moving into Covid 19 Alert level 3 on Tuesday the 28th that not only allows a partial opening of the fishing but also allows us as an online business to resume non contact trading. Our couriers will be doing the same so there is some positive news going forward.

To celebrate this we have put together some stunning deals that are both suitable for shore based or boat based anglers, check out the Leader deal-crazy!