Spring Optimism

God damn it's finally nice to be able to put together a report with some sort of positivity around the fishing even if the weather is still giving the local crews a bit of a hard time. This past weekend saw a few crews manage to get out for crack at the Spring Snapper that are slowly making their way inshore. Saturday saw quite a heavy swell rolling through and only the very experienced managed to get out however Sunday had a far better window. There are a heap of quality Snapper and Gurnard currently on the 60 metre contour but suprisingly the depths inside this mark  produced very little. This will change in due course as the fish move in but right at the moment push out to the 60 metre mark and you will be well rewarded.  It appears the consistent area is to the South of the Raglan Bar down off the back of Jacksons Reef. We spent a few hours out here on Sunday morning and were rewarded with a nice bin full of Snapper ranging between three and twelve pound, quality fishing in anyones books.  As yet I haven't heard too much in the way of trophy sized fish but that will change over the next month as they became a bit more concentrated. On the plus side the Gurnard are of a healthy size although not big on numbers just yet, the ones we got on Sunday were carrying plenty of roe. The Kahawai were also in good numbers and were very large, definately carrying plenty of condition worthy of going in the smoker. Unfortunately there are still plenty of Spiney Dogs coming up over the rail but with the temperature sitting at 15 degress it is to be expected, a couple of Barracouta also but hopefully we can turn those into some tasty Puka.

A couple of local crews have been having good returns on the Hapuku out wide but you really have to drop tools and make the most of any small weather window at the moment.

If it's a feed of White Bait that your after then the reports are all pointing towards the positive side of the ledger where these little critters are concerned. We recently had a family day on our local river bank and managed to scrape up a very solid feed. I thought we had done quite well until I spoke to some other friends who had also been out, the amount they had caught was impressive to say the least.

It,s a very positive time to be heading out no matter what the target, the only thing limiting our chances is the weather but hopefully that will stabilise soon.

Good luck and see you out there.