July 2019 West Coast Report

It looks as though the inevitable has happened for us West Coast fishers – the weather has restricted our movements offshore and the spiny dogs have moved in whilst we were away. That’s not to say that it is not worth the effort at the moment, as there are still good numbers of snapper to be had between 50-65 metres. This is where I would be concentrating my efforts at present. 

A hand full of crews I have spoken to have done well in this area lately, straight off the back of the mountain, but they all commented on the shark nuisance. One angler I was talking to nailed 25 sharks in a row before the snapper came on the chew and the snapper were of a very good size and this was in 62 metres. Throw in a bunch of fat winter gurnard and the days start looking a lot more promising. 

Another area that always fishes well at this time of the year is South West reef, always a great place to load up on a bunch of snapper generally in a short timeframe, however don’t expect much in the way of a trophy fish. But certainly worth the travelling time if it’s just a feed of quality snapper you’re after, and with the chance of a handful of terakihi as well.  

Tucking in close to one of the inshore reefs and pumping out a decent berley trail will definitely have its rewards, maybe not in numbers but a better-than-even chance of pulling out a thumper.

Up in the harbour is also worth a crack, whilst there won’t be too many snapper left in the harbour shallows you will generally pull out a feed of gurnard and trevally. Once again, plenty of berley and small pilchard cut baits should see you take home enough for a couple of meals. If you are venturing up the harbour and you have a flounder net, then it is well worth spending the time to set it; I have heard of some unreal numbers of flatties being caught recently.

That’s it for me this month, as the weather has certainly shortened up the reports so I’m off to chase some tuna on the other coast.

Good luck and see you out there!