Damn Weather!

At least the weather has been consistent over the last few weeks, just really unfortunate that it has been consistently terrible. I gave the boat a run down the harbour yesterday and the 4 metre swell pumping in over the bar was impressive to watch but unfortunately that is as far as we got. However it looks as though we may have a weather window coming for the start of September. Some of the local charter fleet managed to get out for a fish a couple of weeks back and going by the photos there was some pretty decent Snapper fishing to be had and most were of a nice pan sized. The 50 -55 metre mark seemed to be where the best fishing was to be had, a couple of other crews went as far as 70 metres and found the Snapper fishing very hard but did extremely well on the Spiney Dogs! One crew member commenting that one Snapper for every ten sharks but that is generally expected for this time of the year, just be prepared to lose a bit of
terminal gear and you will still scratch up a respectable feed. Another area that fished well for a local crew was in 20 metres of water up towards Kapiapia Rock. They managed to spend a day up here and scraped up a solid feed of nice pannies, whilst there were no Spiney's in the mix a handful of big Tope came to the boat. Maybe the shallower waters are worth a shot, it certainly has to better than hauling countless Spiney's over the rail.
It would have been nice to report that the Whitebait has been running flat out up the local streams to make up for the lack of effort out off the Coast but unfortunately even the reports from here have been fairly uninspiring. However with the tides about to start rising towards the new moon and the weather starting to clear things can only but improve. She's a fairly quiet report for things happening out West at the moment but With the start of Spring here things are
definitely about to kick off and then there will be plenty of options on the table.
Good luck and see you out there.