Average weather, great Fishing!

There is still some exceptional fishing to be had out the West side at the moment but it is much of the same on the weather front. Unfortunately it makes it pretty damn hard if you are restricted to weekends only as the windows are often very short but if you can sneak a day off you will do well.

Fortunately last week offered up one nice day with little swell and a variable wind allowing a bunch of crews to get out and the good news is there are plenty of fish across a wide range of depths. A couple of friends on different vessels both fished down off Ruapuke Point, one in 37 metres and the other was in the same depth but further down towards the southern end of Ruapuke Beach. Both reported lots of Snapper with plenty of solid pannies in the 3-8lb range, Gurnard were pretty thin on the ground with a handful of sharks in the mix.

A couple of other crews went a bit wider and headed out to the 65 metre mark and also experienced the same quality fishing with solid pannies up to 10lb, once again a small bycatch of School Shark but not too much of a concern as yet.

If you decide to push out to the shelf there are some great options on the table especially if you can find a multi day weather window. As like everywhere else in the Country at the moment there is some good Swordfishing to be had. On our last trip out we witnessed a couple of great swords caught in the Mokau Trench, one taken by the New Plymouth based Crusader with a sword of 118kg and The lads on Albatross out of Kawhia boated a real nice one of 212kg. Throw in some awesome Bluenose and Puka fishing while your out there and it makes for an exciting adventure.

If you want to stay a bit closer to home then now that the first frost has been the Flounder fishing in the harbour has really turned it on. We have targeted them lately by spearing and setting the net further up the harbour and the results have been awesome. Surprisingly the harbour water has been really clean so makes a couple of hours cruising the shallows with a spear very productive.

Whilst the outside temperature may have dropped considerably the fishing is pretty damn hot across the range so don't chuck the gear into the back of the shed just yet!

Good luck and see you out there.